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Topwritingservice.com Review

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Topwritingservice.com Review
Price from: $12.99
Discounts: 15%
Delivery time: 3 hours
Revisions: 2 days


In the days before the Internet, when a student was assigned an essay, they only had two choices: try to write it themselves or hope that a friend, family member or roommate was knowledgeable to complete it. But today, there are a whole lot of good custom writing options where students can get help from an actual expert in any field. But the real challenge is to distinguish the trustworthy companies from those that use deceptive practices. For this review, we take a look at TopWritingService.com. The company purports to offer quality professional and academic services related to writing, homework assignments, graduate-level thesis and dissertations, editing/proofreading, resume/CV/Cover letters, and exam-taking assistance. Our objective is to determine how well they compare to other services in the custom writing industry. To achieve this, we looked at factors such as pricing/discounts, the ordering process, the quality of our custom order, the professionalism of the customer support staff, and online reputation. As with all of our orders, we request a college-level nursing paper on the topic of health and medicine. We specify 4 pages double spaced and either a 5 or 7 day deadline, depending on what each particular service permits. TopWritingService.com offers either option, so we went with 5 days. We also always request an American writer. Let us see how the company fares.

Prices & Discounts

Prices for a paper at TopWritingService.com start at $18.95, which is a full $6 higher than the industry average. In their defense, it appears that they focus primarily on college and graduate-level services of high complexity and not much on high school. Rather than separate their services by academic level, they label it as “Standard” “Premium” and “Platinum.” They count 275 words as a page, which is less than the 300 that many regard as the maximum. As a result, a lot of students that only need a true one page paper could end up needing to buy two pages. They also offer a few free features such as an outline, title page, reference page and formatting. There are several other companies that also provide these services for free, but we also know of a few that tack on extra charges.

TopWritingService.com offers a 15% discount for all first time orders. They have a discount program for return customers as well of 5%, 10% and 15% depending on how many total pages they have accumulated. Given that the prices are relatively high, we were disappointed that a customer needs to reach 100 pages total before they are eligible for the 15%.

The total cost of our order with the discount was $78.17.

topwritingservice.com Prices

Order Process

The process of ordering was simple enough. All that we needed to do was fill out the intuitive order form, providing all of the details of our paper. As we added put in the requirements such as 4 pages and the 7-day deadline, the price would automatically update. We found that pretty convenient. They also offer a few additional features for a fee such as VIP support, editing/proofreading services, and the ability to choose a top 10 writer. UK writers involve an additional 5% surcharge.

topwritingservice.com Prices


Quality is the most important measurement of a custom writing service. From this standpoint, TopWritingService.com rates high. It was clear that the writer had proper background knowledge about nursing. At the same time, since it was a college-level paper, they made sure not to make the writing overly sophisticated. They used good sources and we were able to confirm that they were not just making information up, which is what a lot of writers at other companies do. We contacted our writer to get an update and received a prompt and professional response. Overall, it was a very good experience.

Customer Support

Their customer support team claims to be available 24/7, so we decided to verify this by contacting them at various times of the day via phone, live chat and email. We found that email is not the best way to communicate as it usually took around an hour to get a reply. However, they always responded promptly when we contacted them via live chat and phone. When we asked about their discount program, a few of them provided proper answers, but there were others who fumbled around. But in all cases they were polite and friendly, which is important to customers.

topwritingservice.com Support

Online Reputation


TopWritingService.com has a good reputation among other writing services. We can confidently confirm that this service provides quality services.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Good:

  • Customer support
  • Free features
  • Very good paper

The Not-So-Good:

  • None


Reviewing TopWritingService.com was pretty tricky. On one hand, customers should always be wary when a company is prone to exaggerations. On the other hand, we really were impressed with the quality of the paper. Had it been submitted in an actual class, we could imagine it getting an A. Therefore, our recommendation is to give this company a try. If you are satisfied, then you have made a good choice. If not, hold them accountable.

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