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SpeedyPaper.com Review

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SpeedyPaper.com Review
Price from: $9
Discounts: 7%
Delivery time: 6 hours
Revisions: 7 days


The life of a student can be busy and stressful. You have 4 or 5 classes to attend, a part-time campus job, obligations to a fraternity or sorority, and an active social life. With all of this, it is nearly impossible to turn in all of your writing assignments on time. Fortunately, the custom academic writing industry can help solve this problem. However, it is not always easy to determine which companies are trustworthy and which ones to avoid like the plague. That is why you will find our unbiased reviews to be helpful. For this review, we are taking a look at SpeedyPaper.com. According to their website, they offer a variety of academic writing services along with proofreading, resume writing, and homework problem sets. The best way to evaluate their services is to buy a paper ourselves. So as we do with all of our custom writing reviews, we ordered the following paper: a college-level nursing paper on the topic of health and medicine. It was to be 4 pages in length double-spaced, we requested a 7-day deadline, and asked for an American writer. Let us take a look at how the company performed.

Prices & Discounts

The prices for a high school level paper with a 14 day deadline is $9/page (275 words), making it as cheap as we have come across. Even a college-level paper only costs $11, which is a good $5 less than the industry average. Could a paper that costs so little be of good quality? We will find out shortly. As with all companies, the price for a paper depends on factors such as the deadline, number of pages and academic level.

They have a couple of discounts including a 10% bonus if you successfully refer a friend to the company’s services. They also offer a 7% first-time discount, which is less than the industry average (15%), but given how low their prices are to begin with, it is hardly something to complain about. Including the discount, we paid just a little bit more than $56. That is around $20 less than what we typically pay. They also offer the standard free things like a reference page, amendments, cover page, and formatting.

speedypaper.com prices

Order Process

We were fine with the ordering method. It was quick and convenient. All we had to do was fill in the information about our nursing paper on the user-friendly interface. The price is automatically generated, making it a very transparent process. Payment options include major credit card and PayPal. They offer three levels of writer: best available (for free), pro (25% of the total order price) or top writer (45% of the total order price). We chose the “best available” option, which turned out to be a mistake for reasons we will explain below.

speedypaper.com ordering process


Now we can answer the question: is it possible for a price to be too cheap? Based on what we received, absolutely. The writer obviously lacked motivation. We also definitely did not receive an American writer as we had requested. Aside from the fact that the writer did not seem to have even a basic understanding about nursing (much of the paper appeared to be paraphrased from the websites that appear at the top when Googled), it was full of unacceptable grammar mistakes. We even caught a couple of Cyrillic-based Russian words that the writer clearly forgot to delete before submitting the paper. Oops. No customer would be happy with this effort, not even for the price we paid.

Customer Support

According to the website, the customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached via Live Chat, email and phone. We spoke to “Nicole” via live chat, whose attractive profile picture was swiped from a stock photo website. We explained the situation about our paper and requested a refund. We pointed out the Russian words and to their credit they did not try to deny that we had been duped. They pointedly asked if we would like a refund. Of course, we replied in the affirmative. While they were friendly and professional, we take issue with the fact that they willingly work for a company that has no qualms about pulling the wool over the eyes of their customers.

speedypaper.com contacts

Online Reputation

Websites such as SiteJabber and Trustpilot contain a lot of positive reviews about SpeedyPaper.com, but when looking at them it is clear that the company had something to do with this, whether it was paying staff or even customers to say nice things. Another thing that should raise red flags is that according to alexa.com, most of the traffic to the website comes from India. This is not a jab at the country. It is simply to say that when a company claims to be based in Delaware, you should expect that their papers should be of native English quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Good:

  • The lowest prices in the industry
  • We got our refund without any issues
  • Easy ordering process

The Bad:

  • A poorly-written paper
  • Lousy discounts (although with their already low prices, what should we have expected?)


Based on our experiences with SpeedyPaper.com, we cannot recommend their services unless you are on the tightest of budgets and are willing to take a huge risk. The paper was simply as bad as any, making even $56 seem like a waste of money.

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Vanessa Shelton 22 Dec 2018 at 05:29

They attract new customers promising generous discounts. In the end, you have to pay almost twice requesting additional services to get a decent paper.

Mae Hanson 31 Jan 2019 at 02:36

The content was filled with grammar mistakes which is unacceptable. The operator from their customer support spoke with a remarkable accent. This only proves there are no native speakers among their staff. These guys are liers.