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Mid-Terms.com Review

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Mid-Terms.com Review
Price from: $11.99
Discounts: 15%
Delivery time: 3 hours
Revisions: 2 days


If your goal is to find a reputable academic writing company to write your papers, our reviews can help guide your decision. We have no stake in any of these writing services nor are any of them paying us to write a positive review for them. We simply provide unbiased evaluations so that you are better informed about all of your options. In this review, we are taking a look at Mid-Terms.com. According to their website, they can complete call varieties of custom academic writing along with resumes, CVs, cover letters and the like. They also claim to provide writers to students from all academic levels ranging from high to PhD level candidates.

To maintain uniform consistency, we requested the same paper from every company we reviewed. The rationale behind this is that it would be unfair - for instance - to judge one writing company’s Master’s level chemical engineering paper to another company’s simple high school-level US history paper. Thus, we always order a college-level nursing essay on the topic of health and medicine. We ask for 4 pages double-spaced with a 5 day deadline. We also request an American writer. We asked for APA formatting style in this particular case, but sometimes we will test the companies out by requesting MLA, Harvard, Chicago or other types. We feel that any competent company should be able to do a decent job with this essay.

Prices & Discounts

Mid-Terms.com prices their papers based on factors such as page length, deadline, and level of complexity. It can be assumed that a customer who orders a Master’s level assignment will receive a paper with deeper research and a more complex style of writing versus a high school paper. Prices start at $11.99 per page for a high school paper, which puts Mid-Terms.com at one of the lowest-priced services in the industry. They also provide the standard freebies such as a title page, reference list, outline, plagiarism report, and formatting.

mid-terms.com prices

At the time that we ordered our paper, Mid-Terms.com was offering a limited time discount of 20% for all first-time customers. This would make it among the most generous discounts in the industry. We did some research and discovered that in the summer, the discount can be as high as 25%.  They also provide something called a “hot” discount code, although the website does not make it clear whether it can only be applied once or if customers can receive hot codes every time they order. They also offer discounts that grow to 5%, 10% and eventually 15% the more the customer orders.

With our 20% discount our paper cost $67.17, hands down the cheapest paper we have paid for. Do they still deliver quality work for this price? That was a really important question to us.

Order Process

The ordering process first requires the customer to fill out their personal information before going to the second page where they fill in their order details. We personally prefer doing all of this in one step rather than two, but it is only a mild inconvenience. Aside from filling in the assignment requirements, there are also options to receive extended revisions, have the paper proofread by an editor, a one-page summary and a few other add-ons for an additional price. They also charge 5% for a British writer.

mid-terms.com ordering process


As important as the price and discounts are when making the decision to choose a writing service, none of it matters if the paper is lousy. In the case of Mid-Terms.com, we found the nursing essay was pretty good. It was written appropriately for the academic level (college) and included reputable sources. It was not plagiarized either. Of course, we also received the paper by the deadline and it was formatted according to proper APA guidelines. All in all, the writer did a solid job.

Customer Support

The customer support department at Mid-Terms.com is available 24/7 and can be contacted by telephone, live chat and via email. Their responsiveness and professionalism were what mattered most to us, so we contacted them at various times of the day using every communication method. They always responded promptly. We also asked them to give us details about their discount policies, which they were able to do clearly. It is always a good sign with customer support agents are knowledgeable about their services as there are many companies that seem to hire staff who do not seem to have a grasp of their own policies. Finally, we tested them to find out whether they would exaggerate the abilities of their writers by asking if we could receive a full 50-page dissertation in a week. The companies that prey on naive customers will always agree to take these assignments knowing it is impossible, but the agents at Mid-Terms.com patiently explained that these types of assignments require at least a couple of months and significant collaboration with the writer. That is exactly the answer we were looking for.

Mid-Terms.com contacts

Online Reputation

In order to guarantee reviews that are completely objective, we believe the information we receive should also be objective. Since we have no way to authenticate testimonials or positive reviews on a writing company’s own website, we do not factor them into our assessment. Instead, we take a look at reviews on third-party websites. Based on what we found, both professional and customer reviews were largely positive for Mid-Terms.com. They have a good reputation for finishing papers on time and plagiarism never seems to be an issue.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Low prices
  • A 20% discount
  • A Wide range of services
  • A competent Customer support team
  • Free features


  • None


Based on our experiences with Mid-Terms.com, we would strongly recommend their services to customers. The prices are good, the quality of the paper is excellent, and the interactions we had with the customer support team demonstrate that they are as professional as any in the industry. Of course, the 20% discount is also very impressive and not something we have seen from any other companies.

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