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JustBuyEssay.com Review

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JustBuyEssay.com Review
Price from: $12
Delivery time: 6 hours
Revisions: 14 days


There are plenty of reasons why so many students choose to buy custom academic writing instead of writing their papers themselves. For some, it is a lack of time. For instance, they might be carrying a full load of courses, hold a part-time job or have obligations to student organizations. For other students, it is about lacking confidence in their writing skills. There are a lot of really good companies out there that can product B or even A papers. On the other hand, it is also easy to stumble upon services that might write you a D paper at best...or they will even earn you an F by not delivering the paper at all. For this review, we are evaluating the services provided by JustBuyEssay.com. According to their website, they claim to offer high quality term papers, presentations, and editing/proofreading services. As we always do when we review a custom writing company, we order an essay with specific instructions: a 4-page double spaced college-level paper in the field of nursing on the topic of health and medicine with a 5-day deadline. We also requested an American writer. Does JustBuyEssay.com deliver A/B papers or ones of the D/F variety? Let us take a look.

Prices & Discounts

High school-level papers with a deadline of 10 days or more cost $12, which places it on the more affordable end of the price spectrum. One page consists of 300 words, which is more generous than the 275 words that many other companies regard as a page. They also offer several freebies that are routine in the industry including a plagiarism check, title page, bibliography, table of contents, formatting, and revisions. While prices are in dollars by default, they can also be paid for in several other currencies. That is pretty convenient for students that study in the UK, EU or Australia.

justbuyessay.com prices

While it says right on the website that they offer discounts, we tried but failed to actually find any description of how a customer becomes eligible for one. Our price without a discount came to $66.00, so perhaps the discount is irrelevant since it still ended up being cheaper than what a lot of companies offer with their discounts.

Order Process

The ordering process was okay. We did not personally like the little nob that you have to “pull” in order to specify page length and number of sources, but it is just our preference to use pull down menus. Perhaps others will not mind. As we filled in the details, the price was automatically calculated. They offer the option of hiring a premium writer, which would have tacked on an additional $33. No thanks. They offer payment options such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, which should bring some peace of mind to customers since they are secure methods.


Here is the part of the review that matters the most to readers: the quality of the result. The reason we order college-level nursing papers of 4 pages is because we consider it a reasonable challenge without being overly difficult. The 5-day deadline is plenty of time to complete this type of assignment and yet our writer asked for an extension! They claimed they were having Internet issues. Even if true (and we are skeptical since this tends to be the most common reason for getting our papers late), it is their responsibility to have a backup plan. In any event, we humored the writer by granting them an extra day. The paper we received was brutal. The writer put zero thought into it. It was clearly a rush job. It also contained unacceptable, improper syntax and ridiculous word choices. It was as if they just looked through a thesaurus in order to find rarely used words that they thought would impress us. This alone disqualifies the company.

Customer Support

The customer service agents can be reached via email, phone and live chat 24/7. We checked and can confirm that they were always available regardless of the time of day. They responded promptly and were always professional and friendly. This might have been the only redeeming value of JustBuyEssay.com.

justbuyessay.com contacts

Online Reputation

When checking through third-party reviews, we could not find a lot of fans of JustBuyEssay.com. They have a testimonial page and it is just plain silly. For instance, it is ridiculous to believe that customers would allow their face to be published on the website, but they also want us to think that every customer is gorgeous. When we did a Google image search, sure enough the pictures all seem to have been swiped from stock photo websites. Hilariously, one “customer’s” picture turned out to be Steve Job’s daughter! Who is JustBuyEssay.com trying to fool?

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Good:

  • Affordable prices
  • A customer support
  • A user-friendly website

The Bad:

  • Atrocious paper written by a lazy writer
  • A huge credibility problem


When judging JustBuyEssay.com based on the poor quality of the paper alone, we would not recommend using their services. We can almost forgive them for their fake testimonials (almost all companies exaggerate a bit), and yet we were not able to find a real, legitimate positive review on any third-party website. At best, they had a few reviews that were planted by their own staff, which is never a good sign. Bottom line: there are plenty of other custom writing websites that customers should consider before taking a risk with JustBuyEssay.com.

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Inez Mendoza 18 Jan 2019 at 09:43

I had a very low budget and didn't take any of additional options. It was my biggest mistake. The paper obviously wasn't proofread. So, I assume it is not the cheapest service.