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7.8 Review
Price from: $13.6
Discounts: 15%
Delivery time: 3 hours
Revisions: 14 days


If you are a student who is looking for a custom writing service to give you a helping hand, you certainly do not have a shortage of choices. A good writing company should be able to help you out when you lack the time or confidence to complete the work yourself. The problem is that there is so much distorted information out there that it can be nearly impossible to figure out which companies are legitimate and which ones just want your money. This is where we come in. We are a consumer advocacy organization that makes it a priority to help prospective customers find writing service companies that will deliver while steering clear of the pretenders. For this review, we are taking a look at According to their website, they provide writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading services for students of all academic levels regardless of topic or complexity. They provide a free reference page and title page. Much like we have done with our other reviews, we requested a college-level nursing paper on the topic of health and medicine. We requested a 5-day deadline. The paper was to be 4 pages in length double-spaced and we asked for an American writer. How did our writer fare? Find out below.

Prices & Discounts

Prices for a 10-day deadline high school-level essay start at the odd and random price of $14.65. This puts it just slightly above the industry average. While the default price is in dollars, customers can also choose to pay in British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and even Chinese Yuan (!). This is a pretty impressive list of currencies that few other companies offer. As with all companies, the price depends on factors such as the academic level, paper length, and deadline. They count 275 words as a page whereas with several other companies it is 300. This can actually make a pretty big difference, especially if you have, say, a 4 page paper with a 1200 word requirement. would basically force you to purchase a 5th page since they only count 1100 words as 4 pages. prices

They have a loyalty discount program that works slightly different from others. For instance, while many companies give the savings back to the customer, essentially places those savings in an account that can only be cashed out if the customer applies it to future orders. This is a pretty good deal if you plan to order a lot of papers, but if at some point you stop doing business with them, the money ends up trapped in limbo for all eternity. For instance, we paid $64.43 and they proceeded to put $6.44 on our account balance. For an account that we would have no reason to ever use again, mind you. discount

Order Process

We had zero issues with ordering our paper. It follows the typical routine that you will find on other custom writing sites. We filled in the information about our nursing paper using the dropdown menu. The total price, discount and bonuses are automatically calculated as you put in the details. For an additional fee you can request an initial draft, an additional quality check, high priority status (meaning a regular paper is not high priority?), and 1-page summary. They offer a two-week window for revisions, which is far better than the 48 hours that a lot of companies offer. But on the other hand, such an extended period could be a sign that they have received a lot of complaints.


We were not impressed with the offerings from the so-called nursing expert. First, it was evident that he/she was not an American writer as we had requested. The word choices were comically bad and their medical insights were like that of a fifth grader. They seemed to have made up sources. We double-checked and could not find any of the information as cited. The only two positives were that the paper was received by the deadline and it did not contain any plagiarism.

Customer Support

The customer support agents can be reached by live chat, email or by phone. We found them to be very friendly. We sort of felt bad for them because it was not their fault that we received such a bad writer. contacts

Online Reputation

According to information on their “about page” they launched in 2009, but a quick check up finds that they have actually only been around since 2014. Five years might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely calls into question their trustworthiness, especially when it is something that is so easy to verify.

The feedback from third-party websites is mixed. Some claimed it was a great paper while others stated it was the worst. Most of these reviews seemed to be written either by the staff or their competitors, but most of the reviews that seemed legitimately unbiased were largely negative.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wide range of services
  • Friendly customer support agents
  • The option to pay with several types of currency
  • Discount loyalty program (if you intend to be a long-term customer)
  • Easy ordering process


  • Unqualified writer
  • Discount loyalty program (if you never use the bonus money to buy future papers)
  • Poor reputation


Aside from the customer support team, there is not a whole lot to like about this company. If we were shocked at the poor quality of the paper, we can only imagine how a student who has a legitimate need for a good essay would feel had they ordered it. We do not recommend.

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Megan Long 02 Dec 2018 at 03:44

The paper was good enough to pass. I'm not the kind of people that try to get the best grade in the group. I have more important things to worry about.

Sam Rodgers 09 Jan 2019 at 10:48

The quality of my research was average, won't order here again. They don't know how to deal with more complicated level of work. I ordered an essay before, there were no problems.

Lionel Bryan 08 Dec 2018 at 12:21

I expected to get at least B for my essay. I needed to pass this term with good grades, otherwise, I could lose my scholarship. In the end it happened what I expected, I got C, because of multiple mistakes in the essay and lost the scholarship. Thanks!

Angelica Briggs 01 Feb 2019 at 02:51

I was disappointed. The paper was a few hours late. I had no time to revise it and hardly persuaded the professor to accept it. I hope the grade will be high enough to pass