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Custom academic writing used to be something that few people talked about, but these days the industry has become mainstream. As a result, there are more writing services than ever before. Of course, more options does not always mean students will get what they need. Our job is to provide an in-depth look at what these services offer and help students decide which ones are best for them. For this review, we examined This academic writing service offers custom academic and professional writing as well as resume writing, editing/proofreading and even web design. As we have done when reviewing other services, we asked for a health and medicine paper on the topic of nursing. It needed to be 4 pages double spaced with a 5-day deadline, college-level writing, and written by an American writer. Does this company fare well against the services that we rated positively? Let us take a look, shall we?

Prices & Discounts claims to provide their services at the lowest rates on the market, but we discovered almost immediately that this is not true in the least. They utilize a bidding system, although we are not sure whether it is legit. People with fake profiles sort of popped up and offered their services using poor grammar and often referring to us as “friend.” In any event, the price for an essay with a 10-day deadline is $20. This is almost twice as much as the industry average. The website does not contain any price tables nor a price calculator, which means it is hard to find out right away how much a paper will cost. Instead, you have to sign up for an account and proceed with an order before a few bids pop up. In the end, we paid $80 for our nursing paper, which was nearly $15 more than what a lot of other companies charge.

In addition to the high prices, does not offer any discount programs. At this point, the 15% first-time discount is the standard, so it is a bit of a surprise whenever we come across a service that does not offer it.

Order Process

There are two options for placing an order. Customers can choose a preferred writer and the order will go directly to them. We personally recommend this option because from what we know about the industry, the companies really do make it a priority to offer the order to their best writers. The other option is to take part in the sketchy bidding exercise where you can never be quite certain who these writers are. We just know they are not the people in their profile pictures. Every one of the “bidders” offered $80 except for one who bid the random price of $93.40.

After being assigned a writer, the customer has the option to either pay for it using whatever money they have on their account balance, or pay via PayPal. The money is held in escrow, meaning it is not released to the writer until they have completed the order. We think this is actually a good way of doing business. Most other companies require the payment upfront. offers the option of communicating directly with the writer and offering feedback, etc. There is a feature in which the customer has the option of releasing parts of the payment based on partially completed work. This is another nice idea since it allows the customer to know whether the writer is following the instructions. Once the paper is completed, it can be downloaded off the website as either a MS Word doc or pdf file. how it works


The nursing paper turned out to be lousy. Granted, we did not communicate much with the writer, but from our prospective any professional-level expert should have been able to do this relatively easy college essay task without needing our guidance. The sources that the writer chose did not come from reputable sources. Instead, they used random nursing blogs. The paper was also heavily plagiarized. We threw in the towel and chose not to make that last payment since the situation was hopeless.

Customer Support

We felt kind of bad for the customer support agents. They were actually very polite and friendly, but there was not a whole lot they could do in regards to our paper. They were not authorized to provide us with a refund and we decided not to raise a stink over this. One thing is certain though: it is a good thing we are not actual nursing students. has a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Online Reputation

We looked online for feedback and found that most was negative. Admittedly, some of the negative reviews seemed to be planted by staff from other writing services. It is always easy to tell who is writing a fake review based on their poor English. At the same time, a lot of the positive reviews were clearly fake. The reviews that we trusted the most came from former employees, many of whom complain about not getting paid on time. There is also a lot of evidence that the writers are not all native English speakers. We are certain ours was not.

The one bright side is that does have a useful blog that contains legitimate advice for writing proper essays. history

Advantages and Disadvantages

What we liked:

  • Friendly customer support team
  • A mobile App and presence on Social Media

What we did not like:

  • High prices
  • The absence of discounts so common with other websites
  • A poorly-researched paper
  • The lack of a transparent pricing system
  • The fake profile pictures


We do not have a whole lot of positive things to say about other than the fact that we were always able to reach the customer support team and found them to be professional and knowledgeable. There was a whole lot that we did not like. The bidding system seemed to be more of a gimmick than anything else. The price of the paper was more than a lot of students would be able to afford. Our paper was clearly not written by an American even though our instructions specifically called for one. We would not recommend this company’s services.

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John Banks 22 Dec 2018 at 04:35

You may not write paper instructions here. There is no sense in it, the writer doesn't even take them into consideration, at all.

Marshall Love 29 Jan 2019 at 09:30

The writer didn't submit my paper on time, and the customer support just ignored all of my calls.

Lawrence Ballard 28 Jan 2019 at 03:25

I wish I believed those negative feedbacks on the internet... I could have avoided that shame in face of my professor. He said I disappointed him with my paper.