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9.4 Review
Price from: $12.99
Discounts: 15%
Delivery time: 3 hours
Revisions: 2 days


There has never been a more popular time for companies to enter the academic writing industry, especially with a US economy that has been booming the past few years. More customers means more demand, which means a large variety of companies offering their custom services. The problem is that while some companies are perfectly good at their job, there are plenty who just do not measure up. To solve this, we provide unbiased reviews that allow you to make informed choices before you invest in a company’s services. For this review, we are taking a look at Are they truly the best? Read and find out.

Our first impression is that the website looks nice. It contains all of the necessary information without overdoing it, which is often a problem with custom writing websites. In addition, the services are clearly listed. Among its most popular services are essays, research papers, and even non-academic work such as Resume & CV writing. They also offer editing and proofreading services.

The best way to rate one writing service is to judge it against the others. We accomplished this by keeping our order request uniform. As a rule, we asked for a college-level paper in a nursing course on health and medicine. The paper was to be 4 pages long double-spaced with a 5 day deadline. Finally, we always request American writers for the sake of consistency. Sometimes we ask the papers to be in APA formatting style whereas in other reviews we request MLA. This was done to test their ability to pay attention to (and follow) the directions.

Prices & Discounts

No matter how great a company’s reputation might be, no customer is going to order a paper if they cannot afford it. In the case of, they price their work for as low as $12.99, which is well within the industry average. When determining how much the paper will cost, the factor in things like the academic level, deadline and page length. Thus, a paper with a 3-hour deadline is obviously going to cost a lot more than one that is given 3 days. prices

One of the most positive features of this company is the discount program that they offer long-term customers. In particular, customers who reach 50 pages for all total orders receive 15% for as long as they continue purchasing services. By contrast, other companies do not provide this discount until their customers have ordered 100 pages or more.

They also offer an affiliate referral program in which customers receive 10% discounts whenever they successfully convince a friend to order services. Of course, there is also the standard 15% first-order discount that is popularly offered among custom writing companies. When we applied our discount, our price went from $87.96 to $74.77. A lot of students would appreciate those kind of savings. affiliate program

Order Process

We found the website to be very user friendly. Ordering is a simple matter of choosing from drop down menu options and selecting details such as the paper topic, deadline, page length, formatting style, etc. It took us around 3 minutes to place our order. When ordering, also offers a few additional options for a fee such as choosing a Top 10 ranked writer, VIP support, extended revisions, additional proofreading and editing services, and the ability to be notified of an order status via text message. These can be purchased a la carte or as a bundle.


Having discussed prices, discounts and the ordering process, we now turn to the factor that really determines whether a custom writing company is worthy of your business: the quality of the paper. We received our nursing paper by the deadline, which is usually a positive sign. The paper was within the acceptable 4-page range (1,227 words to be exact) and was formatted according to APA style, just as we had requested. Two days into the 4-day deadline we had asked the writer for an update and got a quick, polite response informing us about his/her progress. The paper definitely used American English, was grammatically correct and used appropriate terminology. All in all, it is probably the best paper we’ve received out of all the reviews so far.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, custom writing companies go in three directions: those that operate 24/7 and prove it by always responding; those that claim to operate 24/7 but rarely pick up the phone; and those that are closed for most of Saturday and all of Sunday. is among that first group. We tested out their response times by contacting them via phone, Live Chat and email. While we recommend that customers use phone or Live Chat for urgent situations, the agents responded to our emails in a reasonable among of time as well. They also answered our questions about their discount programs. They used clear English with virtually no accent issues that are common when communicating with agents at other companies. contacts

Online Reputation

A look at found that got its start in 2008. While the website has a lot of positive feedback from its customers, we do not take this into consideration while doing our assessment since testimony on a company’s website can never be guaranteed to be trustworthy. Instead, we rely on third-party websites, the majority of which give positive reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Reasonable prices
  • One of the best discount programs in the industry
  • Competent customer support agents
  • User-friendly website


  • None


Based on our experiences with, we frankly believe it deserves a 10. We received our paper on time, it looked fantastic, and we have nothing but good things to say about the customer support team. While there is always a good chance that we lucked out with our order, it is fair to say that if we got what we expected, there are plenty of students that would be happy with theirs as well.

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These guys are professionals. The writer understood me from the very first word and did exactly what I needed. I wish I had found you before I spent a huge amount of money on useless writing services.