We offer an innovative grade calculator that we believe you will find useful. What can it do, exactly? Well, our weighted grade calculator allows you to project your final grade in a particular class, your total grades for the semester or academic year, or even your total graduation score. Not only does it provide you with your average grade, but you can use it to figure out what you would need to earn in order to get your desired final grade.

What Are the Steps?

First, take a look at the course syllabus that your professor provided and determine how many points each assignment is worth along with the grading scale.

How the Grade Calculator Works

Using the weighted average grade calculator, you will be able to determine what you need on your final paper or exam in order to get your targeted grade. You most likely understand how to calculate a grade average: you add up the number of your total grade scores and divide it by the number of grades you have received. However, based on the new method of calculation, you would multiply each grade by weight, add this total together and then divide by the total number of school credits. Here is an illustration of the formula:

Weighted Average = ( Grade1 * Weight1 + Grade2 * Weight2 + ... + ...) / (Weight1 + Weight2 + ... + ...)

Calculate Your College Grade Effortlessly

Thanks to our calculator, it has never been easier to determine your average score! This will allow you to keep tabs on how you are doing across all your classes and what your final GPA will be. By knowing your current score, you will be able to figure out what grades you will need in individual classes and across all courses in order to get the GPA you need.

Every college uses a different criteria for determining degree classification. Accordingly, our semester grade calculator is designed to help you figure out your grades and the remaining amount that you can earn for that course.

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Our test grade calculator can help you figure out your average to date. If you already know some of your grades, you can figure out how they will affect your final grade.

Important Notes

While the primary purpose of the weighted average calculator is to figure out the general semester average grade of classes that do not have a permanent weight in terms of credits, it is possible to calculate any group of numbers regardless as to whether they are weighted differently. Thus, you have the ability to calculate the weighted average grade of your class tasks, all courses, and even every term or academic year.

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